Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Book Birthday: BEAR IN LOVE

BEAR IN LOVE is by Daniel Pinkwater, beautifully illustrated by Will Hillenbrand and out today from Candlewick. It's a total sweetheart of a story about a loveable scruffy bear and his small and mysterious secret admirer. They leave gifts for one another, and when they finally meet, sparks fly amidst a bit of confusion. (Bear to Rabbit: “You are some cute little bear,” Rabbit to Bear: “And you are quite the big strong bunny.") But it's all cleared up soon enough and (spoiler alert!) the tale of friendship has a charming and happy conclusion.

I adore this book. I adore the art. I adore the story. I want to hug both the bear AND the bunny. This picture book has the look and feel of a modern classic. Candlewick did a terrific job. Three cheers for BEAR IN LOVE!

For a larger look at the art, click here.

“Extra special.” It’s a phrase that is used to great effect toward the conclusion of Daniel Pinkwater’s new picture book, Bear in Love, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand and out this August from Candlewick. And extra special could describe the book itself... It’s like a breath of fresh air, this sweet, unassuming tale. -- Julie Danielson of 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast (for the whole lengthy and wonderful review, plus more images, click here)

[P]erfect for reading aloud, either to groups or to an audience of one, again and again. - Horn Book

Pinkwater’s (Beautiful Yetta) impulsive, happy-go-lucky bear keeps finding carrots on a flat rock outside his cave, left by some anonymous well-wisher. After days of this, the bear places honeycomb on the rock as a lure (“He wanted to see who had left him the nice things”), and pretty soon there’s a full-scale war of random acts of kindness going on... Pinkwater’s talent for creating loveable characters and his unalloyed sense of goodness make it work. -- Publishers Weekly 

While the story is awfully sweet, Hillenbrand’s mixed-media illustrations distinguish this picture book. Faintly rendered backgrounds offset characters and foreground settings, lending a truly fresh look to the compositions. There’s lots to love here. -- Kirkus

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  1. Awaiting for Wuggie Norple...does Pinkwater own the rights or does the publisher?

  2. Looks like a wonderful book that needs to be on the shelf with the rest of my picture books.


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